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Monday, January 28, 2019


This is the time of the year where I choose the best 9 restaurants of 2018. Some are fine dining and some are casual but they have left their mark in my culinary journey, and somehave been continuously on this list are classics-
This year I will have 2 posts one with 
 restaurants in Spain and another one with restaurants around the globe.
Check anterior top 9 here.

In the beginning of 2018 I discovered Lal Restaurant, near Barcelona in Esparraguera offering local ingredients, Mediterranean flavors  in contemporary dishes.

Disfrutar has been on my top 9 every year, and each year it’s a beautiful discovery. Compartir is more casual and is their older sister in Cadaques which opened some years back. It comes on my top 9 list as well. These 3 chefs from El Bulli are really magical be it in their nouvelle cuisine dishes or in their traditional dishes.

Niño Viejo from El Barri Group with Albert Adria as its head chef and Paco Mendez in charge is always a joy to be in. This authentic Taqueria offers Mexican casual street food with the stamp of El Barri.

Xavier Pellicer left a remarkable mark on my journey. He wants to continue along the path he started at Celeri where the vegetable is taken car to the extreme.Celeri won him an enthusiast clientèle and a michelin star, it is now closed and in its place is the original Hetta restaurant. Xavier Pellicer in calle Provenza, the restaurant is named after him as  it is own house after so  many years having worked or being the head chef  in many renowed restaurants such as  Arzak,Abac...  This restaurant  has an exclusive space "The Menjador" ( the private room where you can see the chef in action) and it offers 3 tasting menus: Animal Protein,Vegetarian and Vegan. It also has the usual dining room with a menu à la carte and  a lunch menu as well with vegetarian and vegan options.

My Fucking Restaurant, a cute restaurant in the Raval offering cool dishes with the best ingredients.

Shanghai, a classic in Barcelona- Bonanova, is the first Chinese restaurant that opened in Barcelona. It has an excellent service, and great dishes with fresh ingredients, adapting the dishes to your diet.

Terraza Martinez, has an excellent location and the best views of Montjuic. Their vegetarian rice is excellent, perfect for Sunday long & lazy lunches.

Flax and Kale Passage offers a flexitarian and gluten free menu. Their dishes are excellent. 
They just presented their Vegan Spa : Signature Spa, Vegan & Organic products in the Passage , inside the Yurban Passage hotel.

I finish with Arzak, which was one of our best Experiences in Spain last year, the service, the ambiance, the service and of course meeting the chef Elena Arzak.

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