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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unveiling Niño Viejo! Adria's Mexican in Barcelona!

After a long trip , on a taxi from Mexico, as one of their mural depicts, Niño Viejo opened its door last week. Albert Adria's latest venture part of the BCN 5.0 project is the informal Taqueria finally named Niño Viejo; situated nearby his other restaurants. The more formal side of this Mexican venture, with a degustation menu- with chef Paco Mendez "al mando" -will be Hoja Santa, which is opening soon. 
Let's talk about Niño Viejo, this Mexican tavern has authentic dishes, impeccable service, a bar at the entrance, an open kitchen and a colorful comedor. For the moment they are open from Tuesday to Saturday just in the evening for dinner. Very soon it will be open from 1pm till 2am. At 11pm you could also go for cocktails, El Bulli Margaritas, Micheladas and more. 
Their dishes are typical small Mexican plates, their vegetarian choices are limited for the moment but will increase very soon. 

On Av Mistral 54, on the pedestrian street, they will soon have a wonderful terrace where we will be able to enjoy  in winter too.
Taqueria-Antojeria Reservas +34 933 482 194

Clockwise:Agua de pinepapple and hibiscus, El Bulli signature margarita, Playa del Carmen Mini Mangoes,  Michelada and Agua de beetroot.

Salsa Pico de Gallo and Cortezas.

Guacamole and totopos.

Cactus salad. 


Portobello Sandwich! 

Corn caramel custard!

Figs with goat cheese ice-cream. 

Mexican Horchata!

The wall to the future entrance of Hoja Santa! 


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