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Friday, August 15, 2014

American Pastries in Eixample, La Blanca Pura Bakery!

This pastry shop is open since April and I passed by one day and I just fell in love with it. A lovely American pastry shop, where you get your usual  cupcakes and brownies, you also get more; like the Blondies,  Bundt cakes or bagels for instance. There is something in the deco and the way their cakes are exposed that attracts you, all in white like the flour used in the main protagonists, you feel you have entered a minimalist dessert museum. Layer cakes, cup cakes and more, it is perfect to take away and bring something different to a party. Betina Montagne is the head pastry chef, she is also a teacher at Espai Sucre.
I just had some takeaway bagels, which were decent, but will go back to try some of their attractive little jewels. 
In Eixample on calle Diputación 207. Tel: 931 93 53 35

Layer Cakes!

Big Bundts!

Mini Bundts

Not only American pastries, these were the different Coca de San Juan on June 23rd. 

You can leave your dog outside, there is a hook for the leash and some goodies too. 


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