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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fundrasing events! The hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray!

What are fundraising events?
They are events where you get together, learn more about the ONG  and the work they do and at the same time have a good time. The goal of these events is to raise money for a particular project. 

BelleBarcelone is a digital platform  where I write as  a vegetarian food critic & a luxury consultant. I write about the vegetarian options in the restaurants I like. I also do private and exclusive events at specified branded boutiques to promote their products. I organize private events for people where I take care of their need: from the invites to the menu,cake, catering program & decoration...
I promote what I love

Since 2 years I have started with fundraising events. I have always lived by this saying: "The hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray"
For me these events is a way of helping the unprivileged ones. I am not capable of doing so with physical work so I try the best way I can. 
At the same time, I enjoy meeting new people and having a good time. 

Fundraisers as everything else   has some pros and cons. 

Pros of these fundraisers

- You raise money for the needed ones.
- You meet new people. 
- You learn and get aware. 
- You have a good time. 


- Sometimes the money spent could have gone directly to the NGO

At the same time maybe so many people wouldn't be aware of these problems. 

Fundraisers Events by BelleBarcelone

Why shoud you come?

We are having a formal tea time, sitting down with some nice food from Tandoor and desserts from La Marquise Decadente & Rainbowspoon. The funds collected will entirely go to Sonrisas de Bombay for the education in the slums of Mumbai. 

Menu of the High Chai Experience.

  • Cucumber & chutney sandwiches
  • Chana Chat
  • Vegetable cutlet
  • Onion Bhajiya
  • Aloo Paratha & raita
  • Mango & Rose cupcakes by La Marquise Decadente. 
  • Chocolate & Cardamom cookies by Rainbowspoon. 
  • Chai
  • Más Amor: Rosé wine by Epicure Wines

  • We will have Nira Suarez who has been acting in Bollywood movies performing a Khatak Dance. 
  • We will have a corner with some workshops. One for children by Helen Doron EnglishHelen Doron English is a global institution with 30 years of success teaching English to children of all ages. Over 2 million students speak English today thanks to Helen Doron English.

  •  Henna workshops where  younger ones as well adults can  decorate their hands By Komal Naz. 
  • Gerard, artist at Gs Bears will delight us with personalized drawings. 

The entrance ticket is 18€, 10€ for children under 12 years. 
You can buy your ticket with Zapper. For each new user, Zapper will donate an extra 5€ to the NGO. 
You can also pick up the physical tickets at Tandoor from 12 to 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday. 

If you decide the last day to come you will pay 22 € , you will be contributing a bit more for a nice cause. We are having seating arrangements for this event so we can't guarantee you a seat on the last day. 

Some of BelleBarcelone's private events...


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