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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Sp·t : Veggies for Veggie. Veggies for N·N Veggie.

Once upon a time this area was known for their electronic bazars and now the panorama has changed thoroughly. Near the Barceloneta, in the now quiet street of Calle Reina Cristina we have The Green Spot. It belongs to the group En Compania de Lobos, family of the Group Tragaluz.The Green Spot has an elegant atmosphere, welcoming, spacious, cozy & fresh. Their menu is vegetarian but it is as they say : Veggies for Veggie & Veggies for Non Veggie

It is very true, their menu is extensive and does a trip around the world with exotic flavors, Mediterranean touches all in tasteful dishes. The Green Spot is perfect for everyone, specially for meat eaters where they can have a different view on vegetarian food. I am glad that Barcelona is becoming vegetarian friendly. 
The Green Spot is definitely a must visit in family or for a cozy dinner. 
On C. de la Reina Cristina 12
Tel: +34 938 02 55 65 Closed Sunday Night & Monday. Live music on Thursday night. 
Spicy chilly edamame.

Carbon activate pizza base with pumpkin, caramelized shallots, goat cheese & pistachios.

Kimchi & avocado quesadilla. 

Lemon Pie. 


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