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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lal, a cute restaurant near Barcelona.

Not far from Barcelona, in Esparreguera, in a small & quiet town you will find Lal Restaurant.
Esparreguera, derived from the latin name Asparragus due to the large quantity of this green vegetable in the town .
LAL restaurant ,  is the place where you can appreciate the cuisine of Israeli chef Shai Dublero. The influence of his two grandmothers and the Catalan Maria Boladeras are the ingredients that characterize a current and contemporary proposal. Exquisite dishes, vegetarian friendly and this  cozy restaurant has a great terrace as well. “Lal” derives from Persian and hindi and signifies vermillion, red color. Each dish has a unique flavor, where the taste of the fresh ingredient meets the appropriate spices and the right point of cooking. 
On C/Cavallers 18. Esparreguera.
  • Starting the meal with some incredible homemade focaccia and some hummus!

  •  Deliciously roasted aubergine with tahine, pine nuts and herbs.  
  •  Roasted red peppers with feta cheese. 

  •  Roasted goat cheese with small red pepper & Jerez 

  •  The most delicious Porabello mushroom served witharagula and shaved parmesan cheese. 

  •  Creamy truffle risotto!

  •  A delicious homemade sorbet to digest the rich meal. 

  •  Chatting with the chef in his garden. 

  •  The original and inviting entrance. 


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