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Monday, December 15, 2014


We have friends and family visiting us during summer and fall, and almost all year long. We are blessed to have a clement weather during the full year, of course we have rainy days, windy days, very hot days in summer... but they don't really last long. This is a long post on all the places we go with our dear guests. I had done a similar post last year. Some places are repeated. But in both the posts, those are the places I would recommend to go to. Here is the first post, click here. And here is another post in french compiling few places.

-Some tips while visiting. Using the public transport is quite easy and reasonable. You get the T10 card, available at the newspaper kiosk or at the metro station. You can use it for 10 trips. Each trip allows to use 3 different mode of transport in a span of 1h15. We have good buses, metro, trams and trains.
- If you are in the city center, around Plaça Catalunya, you can walk to almost all the main city attraction. 
- Going for a walk on the beach is a must and you have lovely restaurants all along. 
- A day trip to Sitges, the cute sea front town is a nice way to have the feel of a Mediterranean little town.  You can easily go by train.
- A day trip to Figueres to visit Dali's museum and then proceed to Cadaques where you can enjoy the beauty of this picturesque creek is wonderful. It would be better to rent a car for this. But you also have tours that take you to both places. 
- Shopping in Barcelona, high end brands are all situated on Pg de Gracia. Walking around Pg de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya will make your shopping days worthy. You will get local brands, Zara, Mango as well as H&M, Benetton...You also have El Corte Ingles on Plaça Catalunya, a huge department store. I prefer El Corte Inglés of Diagonal which is near the Camp Nou -home of the famous Barça team- in the Les Corts district; it is much smaller and easier to move around, less crowded too. You will get all the high brands such LV, Bottega well as local and trendy brands; housewear, a huge supermarket and a gourmet store. Nearby you have Pedralbes center and L'Illa, two malls that have everything you need. 
Walking in the area of Gracia, on calle Verdi, you will find original and small little shops. 
You can also go to La Roca Village, outlet to most international and spanish brands. 
On my Facebook page you will come to know of all the funky markets and events  happening  in town.  
At continuation some pictures with the info you need while you are at a specific area!

- In Summer you have Xiringuitos along the Barceloneta Beach. Great to have a drink and some tapas with the music of the waves. 
The Xiringuito Escriba is open the full year, and have proper heating system so it is wonderful in winter too. Specialised in paellas and seafood, their vegetarian paella is one of the best. The have various salads and vegetarian starters and desserts too. Their sangria is nicely flavored and they have a good variety of wines. Do Not miss it if you are visiting any time of the year. 
Xiringuito Escriba:  Avenida del Litoral, 42
You can also check this post for some other summer shacks -Xiringuitos- 
Only in Summer, the Gingueta of Escribà. 

This is the view from Escribà Xiringuito, full year long!

The best Paella!

If it is summer it's perfect and in winter you can also walk on Pg de Borbon, just parallel to the beach and have some great Ice Cream at Eyes Scream and Friends. More here.

Or at Vioko. Chocolate lovers try their Vioko Ice-Cream. They also have another parlor in the Born now, on calle Sombreres 1.. I feel if you have icecream in winter it helps you fight the cold better. Read more

A full day party place at MakaMaka, for drinks and burgers, don't miss their fries. More here.

A great shack on the beach, they have an indoor place too. Great for brunch! More on Surf House here.

While shopping and walking around Pg De Gracia, don't miss these donuts at Boldu. 
On Calle Provença 223.

You will get the high brands, Prada, Gucci, LV, BV,JC as well as the casual wear Zara, H&M or Mango. You will also come across some great Spanish Brands. For menwear don't miss Scalpers, El Ganso or Bow Tie.

Some boost while shopping  in Pg de Gracia the best sliced pizzas in town at La Fermata on Calle Provença 243. They also  have another venue on Major de Sarria. You also get in the Sarria area the best Bravas in town at Bar Tomas. They also have a great store in The Sarria area, if you are there check it out: Passage
Pizza la Fermata.

Bravas de Tomas!
Coming back to Pg de Gracia, to relax and have a glass of wine, go to La Vinoteca Torres. An exclusive area where the combination of Torres wines and the great Meditteranean tapas will take you to another level. On Pg de Gracia 78.

In the Passatge de La Concepció, you have few restaurants here we stopped for a quick lunch at Mordisco. Mordisco belongs to the TragaLuz group. You have various restaurants of that group in town, mentioned on this blog. You can check their webpage for more

 Around town, you have various La Tagliatella. The perfect place to go in family for a good Pasta/Pizza meal. Check their page to see the one nearest to you. This one is near Pg de Gracia on Pau Claris. 
Truffled pasta with egg!

Carpaccio de Tomate with mozzarella. 

Coconut icecream in pineapple soup!

Walking in the Ramblas is always fun and a trip at La Boqueria Market is a joy for all your senses. Here is a post on the morket: La Boqueria.

While in the Born area, you can check my blog, you have a label El Born. You need to have a glass of Xampanyet at El Xampanyet on c/Montcada, in the lane of the Picasso Museums. This Museum and many others around town are free on the 1st Sunday of the month. The museum Picasso is also free every Sunday from 3 to 7pm. 
Here we went to Café Kafka. read more here.

Shopping around the Born is quite fun, funky stores and avant guarde brands. 
Get a pair of Cruyff sneakers at their flagshipp store on calle Comercial. More here.

Wonderful and exquisite breakfast at Takashi Ochiai. Around Urgell, in the Eixample. Here is a croissant filled with Mango purée. Takashi had won the best butter croissant in 2013.

Le Bouchon, at the Hotel Mercer is great while you are at the Gotic area. Hidden in a tiny lane they have gourmet tapas, their terrace is wonderful to go for a drink before. Read more here.

Tomatoes tartar and Tomatoes salad

Some great ice-cream around there, at Gelaaati. read more here.
 If you are in the Les Corts District, check out this picturesque tapas place, right in the middle of the Plaza: Fragments Café. It is quite popular so it is always full, try to go on weekdays or a bit early. They have nice weekday lunch menu and their tapas are great. More here.

While shopping in town, or wanting to go for a special meal, Toto is great on Calle Valencia. More here.

If you are in the Gracia area and looking for a formal dinner, try an excellent Italian: Da Greco
The Tiramisu at Da Greco, their pasta look and taste as wonderful. 

And of course Lolita. On Calle Tamarit 104. They now open some days at lunch time too. Great for Tapas. 
Check it out here.

And  a trip to Barcelona is never finished without a visit to Tickets. The Albert Adria must go. Tapas, fun, Michelin Star experience. You need to book online some months in advance. 

A visit to Cadaques is always nice while you are in Barcelona. A gourmet experience at Compartir leaves all our visitors with an excellent sensation. More here
They have now open in Barcelona: Disfrutar on Calle Villaroel. Very soon on this blog. 

Their hazelnut coulant!!!

La Roca Village is a wonderful outlet for shopping. Check their page. You can stop at the famous Andreu for a wonderful sandwich. Andreu is a ham sanctuary with one of the best, but they also do great cheese sandwiches and have other options too. Check it here.

In Summer!
In Winter!


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