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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You can now enjoy in Barcelona: Disfrutar!

 We had loved Compartir in Cadaques, we had even taken our guests form Singapure this summer, and they also loved it. I was so happy when I heard few months back that they were soon openning in Barcelona. The three chefs worked for many years closely with Ferran Adria at   El Bulli: Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch. They opened their restaurant last week in Barcelona: Disfrutar (enjoy).

They are near the Mercat del Ninot in the Eixample. It isn't a replica of Compartir,  the philosophy is the same where you can still share and enjoy their dishes but there will be some more cocktails and appetisers in their menu, a gastronomy experience to feel with all your sense. They offer two tasting menus from 65 to 95€. When you enter, you have the look of a normal bar, you pass through a small corner with Barcelona colors and style; then you pass from the passage where you see the huge kitchen and the chefs and their team at work, and you enter the main hall with Cadaques and Mediterranean colors and influences. You also have a wonderful terrace. The deco by  Equipo Creativo is so welcoming; the service was perfect, friendly and polite, very professional; you will feel at ease the moment you step in.
I can guarantee you Disfrutar will soon be known all over the world; so book it soon while there's no waiting list and enjoy a wonderful meal. They are open almost all the days of this festive season, check their calendar here.
On c/Villarroel 163, 
 +34 93 348 68 96 

We started with wine, very well recommended by our expert sommelier Noël. A different but intense wine Pedradura 2006. We loved it. Here he is decanting it.

Passion fruit and rhum served in a sea urchin looking bol. 

Wonder beetroot from Mother Earth!

 Caramelized hazelnuts with eldelberry. 
Tomato Polvorone with oil caviar.

Transparent pesto ravioli to dip in a parmesan broth. Delicious and melts in your mouth!
Disfruta de las olivas. Some incredible textured olives, one with olive oil flavor and the other one with sanguine orange flavor. 

Idiazabal smoked cheese with apple biscuits: freshness in a bite!

Egg yolk tempura served with a mushroom gelatine! Incredible.

Air sandwich with apple and avocado, incredible too.

Almond cottage cheese served with abies honey and pinenuts. It had a lovely texture and a divine taste.

Parmesan patty with tomatoes and basil.

This was Tony, our simpatico garçon.

The vegetarian Sashimi. Each vegetable had a different spice to intensify the flavors. 

Coliflower taboulé and ceps. 

Fennel Risotto with hazelnuts. 

Flavored peas in a wonderful green parsley sauce. 

Aubergine gnoccis.

Aparragus Sam , refreshing and wonderful.

Dessert Time: The Mandarine! Refreshing and paradisiacal.

Crema Catalana bread served with crushed iced sanguine orange.

The most surprising and tastiest peppers you have ever tried. Chocolate, olive oil and salt!

Cheese Cake!

Coffee profiteroles! 

Our simpatica Patricia, such a pleasure to have people like her to serve us. Thanks Patricia, Toni and Noël for an incredible and warm service. 

Thanks to these wonderful chefs and team for a magical meal: in the picture Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch. 
Memorable and filled with flavors, a wonderful meal at Disfrutar. The 1st of many...


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