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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Comerç 24, classic and innovative, Carles Abellan Michelin star restaurant in the Born.

I had past from this place very often, as I love the Born. One day we needed a special place, and I thought why not Comerç 24, the michelin star restaurant in the Born. Let's see what it's all about. In summer we had been to Bravo 24 in the W hotel and we had enjoyed; we had also tried chef Carles Abellan Tapas 24 various times; and had been to his newly opened Taverna del Suculent a few months back. 

You need to book at Comerç 24, a week or 2 in advance, I did a last minute booking as usual and got place for 2 at the Bar. It wasn't a bad choice, as we could enjoy the open kitchen as well as the bartender making special cocktails. The hall behind is quite cozy,  but in  the entrance you can witness the magic from the open kitchen.
You can order à la carte but whenever it comes to these gastronomic restaurants, I think it's better to choose the tasting menu. I had specified that we were vegetarian. 
We had a fine diner and left quite happy. 
Carles Abellan has trained with the best and has had a large trajectory in El Bulli. 
Comerç 24 on calle Comerç 24. Closed on Sunday and Monday. Booking online.  
Tasting menu: 90€+pp

We started our meal with the designer beer Inedit. It is always a welcome start. 

We continued with pickled cauliflowers dipped in an asian broth: it actually had quite a fine taste unlike the way it looked. Nothing similar to what you get at your local Chinese. 

We then continued with these sweet glazed crunchy baby carrots. 

This was a rocket pizza and tasted like one. 

 Filo filled with a parmesan mousse  flavored with lime and basil. 
 This was some seaweed, to clean your palate before the main meal. 
 Choose your bread!
 Orange salad. 
 Flower, asparragus and frisé salad: the seasoning was bellow so you need to mix it properly to get the right flavor. I am not a fan of this particular lettuce. I wonder why so many restaurants use frisé. 

This was a truffle egg parmentier, they actually use more than one egg to reconstitute it. It was rich and delicious. 

I am normally not fussy and eat everything but I do not like chard. This was a typical chard and chickpeas dish served in style. It was flavored and not to shabby. 

Excellent ceps rice served with egg yolk. 
 Truffle and mushroom in a heartwarming broth. 
 Crunchy and grilled asperragus with turnip and daikon.

Their wonderful cheese selection, which is apart from the tasting menu. 

I had a good time observing the cocktails making and the expertise of the sommelier. 

And here come the desserts! To start with: a delicious mandarin and champagne sorbet. 
  These were Kinder chocolates, very rich in flavor and texture. 

Saffrom icecream. It was delicious, I love saffron and this reminded me of  Indian Kulfi but with a softer texture. 

Conguitos. Spanish version of M&M. Peanut flavored big M&M rolled in cocoa powder served on a crunchy caramel. 
 Tea Time! To digest this rich meal. 

Oreo Cookies style dessert, chcocolate beans, gold praline lingot and green tea lego chocolate tablet.
 The wine cellar!


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