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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday Morning! (Around Ronda St Antoni)

On this post , Calle parlament: Federal café for brunch? Bodega Vinito for vermouth? Or Bar Calders for some interesting tapas and beer?
On a Sunday morning, on the Ronda St Antoni, I would recommend you the check the stalls of the "Mercat St Antoni". They have a book market. The Market is undergoing work so they have moved it temporarily, just there on Calle Urgell. You can still admire the structure of the Market, but that is what is there, just the structure. Anyways moving on to the Sunday market, you will find a tremendous assortment of books, coins, stamps, old magazines, comics, records... You will also see lots of children exchanging their "chromos" (stickers) with other kids. I love books and whenever I go for a round there, I always end up with an interesting book in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, cooking books or about Gaudi and also some nice encyclopedias. My friend, that stays just there is a real treasure hunter, and has gifted me some really beautiful books!
The market hours are from 8.30 to 2.30pm every Sunday.
From there you can walk and discover Calle Parlament.

Federal café photos- courtesy of
You have the Federal Café, on Calle Parlament 39, which is an Australian owned very friendly place.  It is set on three floors, the ground floor has a huge communal table, and the last floor has a lovely terrace. You will get excellent coffees, shakes, juices, ecological eggs ... It is closed on Mondays but opens all the other days for long hours: breakfast, brunch, dinner?
 Just nearby on calle Parlament, you have the Bodega Vinito. Why not go for Vermouth on Sunday and get some wine for home at the same time? Till not long ago it was just a Bodega where you could buy bottles of wines or fill your own...After all the effervescence this area is going through, they have decided to follow suit and have added some tables and stools. It is doing well, always full and you get good wines per glass at decent prices and you can "picotear": "montaditos" at one euro, chips, olives...
You can also purchase bottles of wines and special beers...

There itself, in the Pasage Pere Calders, you have the BAR Calders. A small little place with a big terrace outside, not your usual tapas place and nothing pretentious, but we just entered while walking and we loved it!
While waiting for a small table , we were at the bar and we got some "sev" ( Indian snack) with our drinks. We got to talk to the owner's dad, Ramon, and we discovered that he had been to India and almost walked and "autostopped" from Pakistan to Sri Lanka, as well visited Amritsar... He is a follower of Guruma of Ganeshpuri (the one from Eat Pray Love), his Indian name is Ajaya.
You get all sorts of tapas. We had some "Patatas St Antoni" , humus...

The deco is cozy and you can admire Ajaya's paintings- acrylics and collage- on the walls. They all have a Ganesha in it.  Nice place to go while you are near ST Antoni market ...Pere Calders, was a catalan writer and this bar is named after him.


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