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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life is a choice! ( The boqueria market on Ramblas ans more)

On this post walking in Ramblas, Barcelona...Mercat de La Boqueria...Escriba...

Some weekends, you may want to prepare a nice, rich and exotic dinner for your friends. Mercat San Joseph- Mercat de La Boqueria as we all know it- on Las Ramblas has everything you need.

You will be welcome by the arabesque style gates. I have heard that the name Boqueria came from "Boca"(mouth). When Count Berenger IV brought these beautiful gates, as part of the booty from the war in Almeria, in the 18th century, the passers were literally left open-mouthed.
As you enter the market, you will be hit by the colors and the displays of fruits and vegetables. Every space is used to please the eye, and you can see everything, there is no rotten fruit hidden.
You can always get a boost from some fresh juices and fruit cocktails. Maybe you feel like having something at one of the bars inside, some organic food at the stall behind or delicious fresh pasta made in front of you. You can purchase all the goodies you might need, besides the usual fruits... You can get all the spices, herbs, olives, and even "baklavas". 

Outside the market, people stroll among the bright flower stalls and admire the many street performers. With a little tip, you can make this human statues do a small performance for you.

When coming out from the market and walking towards your right, you will stumble into this "art nouveau" shop: casa Figueres which is home to the very famous pastry shop "Escriba". This shop, located on the ground floor was founded in 1820 and remodeled in 1902 by Antony Ros. This work of art in the heart of the city, with its sculptures, the enameled mosaics, the stained glass and the classic Modernist typography are all worthy of attention.
Escriba sells bread and Pastries; they also do modernist cakes, which go with the Modernist architecture of the store.
Antoni Escriba was the Mozart of chocolate and used to make Easter eggs for Dali, Picasso and Joan Miro. His cakes and breads were often Avant-garde. He inherited the family business when he was 16 and Escriba is well known today.
I have previously spoken Of Chiriguinto Escriba on the beach and you also have another Pastry shop on Gran Via. They were the first ones serving butter croissants in Barcelona and their tarts are lovely.
Continuing with tradition his sons are in charge now. Cristian, one of them has created the beautiful "Candy Glam ring"- a jewel made of sugar.

Green grapes, ripe grapes, dry grapes...

Everything changes, never to disappear forever, but to become something it has never been before. Antonio Escriba

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