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Friday, February 15, 2013

And we continue with Moritz...Bar Velodromo

On this post the Bar Vélodromo in Barcelona...(on calle Muntaner, opened from 6am to 2am)
The Velodrome Bar on c/Muntaner 213, opened its door in 1933.  Legend says that many political plots were hatched there. It also became the reunion place of all the members of the cyclist club of Tibidabo. In 2000 the owner's son decided to close down and in 2003 , the Moritz  family decided to buy it. 
After some reforms, the place has been restored to its original glory. The original art decor is very present maintaining the original design elements, like the Formica-plated steel bar, the beautiful amber staircase with its red velvet carpet and of course the pool table.
It is open from 6am to 2am and you can go any time to have a meal or a snack.
This Catalan Bistro has got a good variety of tapas as well as elaborated dishes.
If you are shopping on Francesc Macià and Diagonal, it is 5 minutes away from there and you can take a break in a nice and grand atmosphere. 
Their tapas are great, their sandwiches are fresh , my favorite is the "flauta de manchego con olivas". That's one place where you get "un cornet de frites" like fries are supposed to be served. 
Their juices are freshly made each day and served in plastic bottles : you have a nice variety like peach and mint or apple and basil... 
They can also make you 1/2 gin tonic if you just want to have a small drink and discuss work or challenges that life offers you. 
Their menu differs from season to season but the basic stuff is always there. Since September 2010 the menu card, with three different designs per month, is a 60 x42cm huge paper.  It is designed by different artists every month, and on one side you have different drawings. Alberot Planas -designer- Julià Guillamon-writer- and Cervesas Moritz are  in charge of this graphic project. There was and exposition last month about all the different cards. They have now published a book with the  first 36 cards.

Moritz Barcelona's photo stream

Moritz Barcelona's photo stream

Moritz Barcelona's photo stream


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