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Monday, November 5, 2012

Around the beach: Clear Day in Barcelona

On this post : Xiringuito Escriba for paella, MamaRossa on the beach for Italian or Rangoli for India near the beach.
We are lucky to have a pleasant weather during the full year in Barcelona.
So when it is not peak summer we can still enjoy walks on the beach from Port Olympic to Mar Bella.

Kids love running on the beach or cycle, as there's a good cycling path.
You can either bring your red and white checked picnic blanket and sandwiches and have lunch on the beach or at the parks around there or you could have a nice meal at Xiringuito Escriba . Escriba is a well known pastry shop and they now have have this lovely place on the beach.
You can have a good sangria , or a good bottle of MOMO wine and of course fresh orange juice for the kids.
For us vegetarian they have good " patatas bravas" , nice salads and a exquisite vegetarian paella ( One of the best i have ever tried ).
They will bring you a tray with all the desserts for you to choose from.
Vegetarian Paella

Apple and goat cheese salad

Escriba desserts!

Xiringuinto Escriba
You can then digest your good meal walking back on the beach.  They also have on the Mar Bella some metal machines for older people do some exercises for their legs and hands.
If you go towards Port Olimpic and further towards the W hotel , you also have a good variety of restaurants . A good Italian is Mama Rossa where you can sit outside in summer and inside in winter in cool "loungy" atmosphere.
You also have a good Indian around there Rangoli, where you can get nice Indian food adjusted to your palate depending on how hot and spicy you want your food to be.
All these restaurants serve hight quality food  and they open at 1pm for lunch and 8 pm for dinner. That's early for locals where many restaurants don't serve lunch and dinners  before 2pm or 9pm. You can finally enjoy an autentic indian Richshaw ride on the beach too!



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