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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's be one of Carlos Ruiz Zafron character : Bar Mutis

The Mutis Pin shhh
The bar Mutis, on top 50 best bar of Europe.
If you manage to get your name on the list, find the right door and scale the spiral staircase then you’ve infiltrated Barcelona’s most secretive bar. When you are in Mutis , you can easily think of yourself as one of  the character in Carlos Ruiz Zafron novel :  The Shadow of The wind (la Sombra del Viento).

Mutis is a flat converted into a restaurant and bar.  it is sound proofed and the rest of the apartments in the block belong to normal people . That is how it gives you the feel of being in a very secret agent atmosphere. Inside it has red velvets curtains, gold ceiling, black tables. You can have dinner there, not great for vegetarians, or just go for a drink . They have a huge list of cocktails, each of them introduced with a short story about it.
On week ends, after 12.30 am , the music starts, live music with superb artists.  They have wonderful Italian band, a French singer of Moroccan origin, Portuguese singers...
Everybody knows where Bar Mut is, on Pau claris. Decent bar, with good wine... tapas, the typical. Nobody would guess that the owner owns this superb place just in the building next door. We could only go if  by chance you would get the phone number and make a reservation  or be a member. You would get this pin as membership id. Now, they have become more easygoing and it is simpler to get in. We have been going since sometime, we just were lucky enough to get to know about it. If you wish to go now, just pass by Bar Mut and ask for Mutis .
There are other places of this type in Barcelona, like the Tintoreria dontell, or the secret restaurant Speak easy behind the cocktail bar Dry martini.
I haven't been to those but have been to Mutis quite a few times and it has always been a very pleasant way of spending the night. You have fun listening to the music , having a good drink , spending quality time with your dear ones.

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