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Monday, November 12, 2012

All you need is love...But some tapas won't hurt ! Paco Meralgo!

When in Barcelona, tapas is the easiest and a fun way to try the Catalan cuisine. Tapas are a wide variety of small portions food. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. You have bites of this and that and chat and it provides you a full meal. You will, many times, hear that for vegetarian it is not great but I can assure you that nowadays you won't come out hungry from a tapas bar. There are lots of tapas bar  all over Barcelona and in full of Spain.  Many good ones...I will obviously talk more about them as we move around.
But today I will take you to  PACOMERALGO( Alta Taverna) .
 The name may sound like a common Spanish name but if you separate each syllable  you get : pa comer algo ( which in spanish means : Let's have a bite).
 It is not the usual tapas bar, it is a clean looking restaurant with long bar stools, contemporary wooden look , fun designs and writings on walls and ceilings ( even in the bathrooms) Always buzzy atmosphere, always busy but warm, welcoming, friendly and fun service. It is not very easy to get a reservation but you can  sit around the center bar, where there will always be some space for you to squeeze.
On week ends they have paellas , every 15 minutes small plates of different paellas come out for you to choose and try from. You can also have a takeaway paella .
Their bravas are one of the best I have had, spicy and fried al punto. It is now the season of mushrooms, between the rovellons , camagrogs (yellow trompetes), ceps you have a large choice. Their fried artichokes, pimiento de padrons ( small green peppers) , "tiras" of aubergines, courgette flower give you a vast and healthy choice of vegetables. The "pa amb tomaquet" ( bread with tomato) is to die for . They also have a vast choice of "montaditos" / small sliced baguette with a topping / As you bite in the camembert one, you fill the power of the black pepper, the softness of the cheese, the crunchiness of the bread...

They have a wide selection of wine by the glass. I suggest as white to go for the Rueda one and for the red, one of Ribera de Duero. You can also have a chilled glass of Veuve Clicquot Rosé.
To finish one of their most original dessert , is the " Montadito de madagascar" , crunchy toast, melted darck chocolate , rich olive oil and maldon salt. 


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