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Monday, March 8, 2021

She Believed She could so She did...

Everyday is Woman day but today is the official International Women’s day. So today I have an extra reason to acknowledge these women, they are just few of many I admire.
I will start with Anna Cortina: #artmeetsfashion. I’ve known her since a couple of years but I just recently visited her workshop.  After years working with International groups she decided to create her own brand. Her handbags are inspiring and extremely creative. First, all of them are very comfortable & versatile and you can personalize them; all bags are handmade in Spain with high quality skins. She collaborates with many known artists to infuse their art in her designs, making her bags wearable art.
"Through the paintings, stories are told. And through fashion, we can express ourselves."  “For me it is very important to give visibility to a more thoughtful and conscious form of consumption, where values such as craft, tradition, and work-well-done are reflected. We propose designs that are created for an audience that seeks something different, with identity & added value.” Anna Cortina. 

She recently collaborated with Vagary Kalon, a brand by another woman I admire: Gala Canut. Gala’s brand is a conscious fashion movement, zero waste and follows no trends. 
Unique & Magical.

Vagary (a wandering journey) Kalon (inner beauty). It was born to dress you inside out. You are not just getting an outfit, you connect with it in a deeper way. Each piece you purchase is made just for you, through spiritual rituals. Gala, the owner and designer will sit, chat and understand you before advising or creating a dress. I loved her atelier and the inspiring vibes it transmits: it is a Healing Temple.  

Each, client, Goddess undertakes either traditional expertise or spiritual healing such as reiki, sound therapy, astrology, meditation and crystal healing, depending on how far they wish to go. Each Vagary Kalon piece is an unclassifiable garment made from a Higher force with extraordinary forces.” Gala Canut

Another inspiring woman, even though I only met her once is Carla LLoveras, owner of La Bionda:  

“It is my personal and professional project. We should have opened last but the pandemic delayed the opening until June 2020.

It has been a difficult year, with a lot of uncertainty... but we will never forget our first summer, we have had a very good welcome from the guests, we tried at all times to make them feel at home.

I like to host, take care of our guests so that at all times they live a unique experience, taken care of in the smallest detail.

La Bionda is located right in the center of Begur, the village of Emporda where I have holidayed since many years  and where I now live. We were lucky to find a house next to the town square, typical village house. It required a lot of renovation work since the ground floor is from the late seventeenth century but that hid beautiful original architecture and materials that we wanted to maintain at all times. Quintana Partners Studio, the interior design studio was in charge of the reform of the house to make it the current La Bionda.

La Bionda is an 8-room hotel for travelers looking for something special, unusual and inspiring.

The design of the house tells the (created) story of a woman who during the 1930s housed influential women of the time in this home. Intellectuals, writers, actresses, singers, artists, athletes, women from all over the world who stood out in the early twentieth century.

Each room is unique and different from the others and tells the story of one of those influential women of the early twentieth century who stayed in La Bionda.

La Bionda is a relaxed space, five senses experience, where the treatment is close and familiar since we welcome our guests with the illusion of receiving them in our house.” 



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