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Monday, February 8, 2021

Best of 2020


2020 was different, very different and my first blogpost of 2021 comes by the hand of Maria of 
Barcelona Food Experience. She shares with us her Top 9 and vegetarian friendly. 

When I moved to Barcelona 13 years ago, finding vegetarian or vegan restaurants was not an easy task. But there has been a significant change in the last few years, and it’s so exciting to see so many new veg-friendly restaurants in the Barcelona restaurant scene. Here are 9 of my current favorites:

Fat Veggies: Here, veggies are in focus, and they really nail it. The dishes are different and creative; they smoke, ferment and pickle in-house, and use all parts of the vegetables to avoid any waste. I haven’t seen anything like this in Barcelona before.

Honest Greens: Ever since this plant-friendly restaurant opened its doors in Barcelona, it’s been packed, and I understand why. There are plenty of choices, everything is fresh and fun, and the ingredients are always seasonal and changing. They are so popular that they have recently opened two more restaurants in Barcelona. 

The Green Spot - I love the elegance of this restaurant, with its beautiful light and decoration. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, and the sweet potato tagliatelle is a must. 

Chennai Masala Dosa: They specialize in South Indian food, which is unique in Barcelona, and their dosas are addictive. You can find many unusual dishes on their menu that you can’t find in other restaurants in the city.  

Itacate: This little cafe is one of my absolute favorites. The couple who runs it is the sweetest, and there are always delicious things on the menu. They also make their own kombucha, and it is fantastic. 

La Branqueta: A tiny but simply amazing Japanese cafe with a lovely owner that makes vegetarian and vegan bento boxes for lunch, and great pastries, teas, and coffee.

Roots & Rolls - A unique concept with plant-based sushi and Asian food. Their sushi is original, fun, and delicious, and the cauliflower popcorn is addictive.

Little Fern - Such a charming cafe, with a very friendly staff. They always have tasty things on the menu, and their mushroom “wings” (called Shwings) are incredible!

Hammock Juice Station - I love the breakfast here, their smoothies are delicious, and in winter, their porridge hits the spot. 


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