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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

My favorite artists in Barcelona


I have always loved art in any form, be it paintings, architecture, music…During the lockdown, spending so much at home, I have appreciated even more. It is for me a way to escape and dream, to relax, to meditate while seeing something beautiful. Here are some of the artists I admire in Barcelona, their work is different from one another, but they inspire me and I hope they inspire you as well. 

Yago Hortal

His art talks and is vibrant. I discovered his work few years back and I have been a fan since then. Vitality, colors and positive feelings come just looking at his paintings. Those electrifying strokes talk to you and abstraction is taken to another level and language.  

Questions & Answers with my favorites. 

Ivan Forcadell 

The young boy I met two years back has grown, his style has matured. I love spending time with him and listen to his ideas. 

How did you start?

I started with survival, I was sick for a while in bed and it was the only thing I could do, then it became my job and my passion :)  

What Inspires You?

I am inspired by wordly & comon things in the rural areas, also in popular culture, and in existing "problems". And I try to transfer this to my vocabulary, I adapted it to my humor or rather I adapt it to my way of seeing things 

What is the message & mood you want to transmit with your art?

It depends on the collection, I always intend to talk about an issue that worries me and to  to give a scenario so people can develop their own thinking in the matter. For example, on June 22 I will open an exhibition on the feelings of plants in Barcelona at Lab 36 by Galeria Senda.

What is your most important tool?

Passion and sincerity

What is your most favorite piece?

I hope I can never answer this, the day I answer this I will stop working

Ana Paul

I heard of her recently through a dear friend. I visited her in her workshop and fell in love with her art and it wasn't the first time I had seen it. I had seen some of her pieces in the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona. Her work inspires dreams and peace. It’s very peaceful and yet it can talk to you and sometimes be subtly loud. 

How did she start? 

Since childhood, Ana Paúl has been enchanted by paper. Whilst growing up, paper became her palette for changing moods and collage became her language. The simplicity and possibility of paper as a medium has remained her life long fascination. The transformative quality of this humble yet noble material and the influence of Orientalism with its delicacy, mystery and use of colour underpins all her work.

What is her inspiration?

Forests dominate her work and paper is used in a sculptural way to create an ethereal composition. The expression of colour plays a major role in bringing the forests to life. The primeval connexion that trees have with the Earth and Universe is a constant theme in Ana’s works, continuously and consistently reinterpreted in different forms.

What is the message & mood you want to transmit with your art?

I am captivated by forests and trees – their majestic beauty and primeval mystery. In a constantly changing and face-paced world which brings new challenges every day, trees provide a deep-rooted and enduring sense of protection and support.

The tree trunk and its roots represent stability, the branches suggest movement and the leaves remind us of ephemeral growth and seasonal change, illustrating both strength and fragility, permanence and renewal.

The natural formation of forests provides an almost architectural structure in which the trees provide order and direction whilst glades and clearings open up space for pause and reflection. The green canopy of tree cover creates a natural roof that offers shelter and safety. These ancient formations provide a space for escape and a place to regain balance and provide the perfect hideaway in our frenetic lives.

Entering the forest is a magical experience that stimulates the deep connection we, as humans, have with our planet and ourselves.

What is your most important tool? 

My shoulders and Hands :)

What is your most favorite/ gratifying piece?

 This question is like if you ask: which is your favorite kid? It is difficult to choose as all are different but you have a special bond with all. 

Carlos Toledo: T-Diary 

I got to know Carlos personally few years thanks to Ivan Forcadell, but I had heard of his work for many years. Carlos of T Diary ‘s work is different from the previous ones but his work is pure heart. I love the messages he sends through his small illustrations. You can also have personalized piece from him. It is the perfect gift to give that special person to tell the story you want. 

How did you start? 

The truth is that my beginnings go back to my childhood, since I was little I have liked to draw. But if I have to talk about my professional beginnings, we would be talking about 2014. When I decide to leave my old job and dedicate myself fully to illustration.

What inspires you? 

My inspiration comes from everything that surrounds me. I myself, you or anyone is a source of inspiration in my work. I speak in my cartoons about the social roles we have, as well as feelings, fears and joys.

What is the message & mood you want to transmit with your art?

The message that I want to convey with my work is the reflection of oneself. I speak of the everyday, of what surrounds us. The viewer feels the protagonist of my cartoons, because he has lived what I have reflected. Maybe it's a bit of self-analysis or maybe it's your own reflection.

What is your most important tool? 

What I need is very little: Paper, pen and music. It's my luck that I don't need a lot of material to carry out my work.

What is your most favorite/ gratifying piece?

Uff difficult question. Nor could I choose any in particular. I work both on paper, doing murals, tattoos and animation. Therefore it is very difficult for me to choose one!

Ana Paúl

Ivan Forcadell


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