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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Arth: glamorous fine dining in Mumbai.

I discovered Arth on my last trip to Mumbai Newly opened, it serves Indian Modern cuisine and the interiors are done by none other that the celebrity interior designer Gauri Khan, wife of superstar and my favorite actor Shah Ruk Khan.
The cuisine is Modern Indian and the kitchen is a traditional one. As in Ancient India, only wood fire, hot sand and charcoal  are used for all their dishes to bring you the authentic flavors of all the four corners of India. The talented chef Amninder Sandhu is behind the wonderful dishes where the local ingredients are used to make the most of the flavors using spices in a moderate and appropriate way. All the dishes we tasted were incredible and the service was fantastic.

Whereas the kitchen is traditional the rest of the interior is modern and glamorous. Elegant and stunning, using chandeliers and lamps to create a warm luxurious ambiance, the flooring is different depending on the spaces. You have the beautiful lounge bar on the down floor and the restaurant above.
Arth Restaurant in Khar, Mumbai. Tel: +91 95940 60038

  • The talented chef in her kitchen.

  •  Traditional charcoal oven.

  •  The most incredible stuffed  morels.

  •  Yoghurt explosion: the traditional chaat: "dahi puri"reinterpreted. 

  •  Paneer chargrilled with fennel & saffron.

  •  Beetroot Tandoori Kababs.

  •  Banana Flower baked with sesame seeds & prunes.

  •  Jackfruit wrapped in a cabbage leaf with pine nuts and coriander.

  •  Spicy lotus root.

  •  Idli barrel: mini "idlis" ( steam rice flour pancakes, typical of south Indian breakfast) served with a spicy "Sambhar" ( lentils soup).

  • Going downstairs in the kitchen where warm Jalebis are made. Jalebis a sort of doughnut fried and then dipped in a golden saffron syrup.  

  •  The fried jalebis served with "Rabdi": a thick & delicious reduced milk.

  •  Mango cones.


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