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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saïgon - Ho Chi Minh City: The pearl of east Asia!

Ho Chi Minh City, known as Saïgon, is a buzzing city filled with history and culture. While Vietnam is becoming a dream destination for many with their beautiful beach resorts and incredible views on the coast, Saïgon is where you will really feel the authenticity of the country. The luxury hotels, cohabit the markets, the skyscrapers and malls along with the unbelievable number of scooters and street food stands offers us a wonderful collage of tradition, history and modern life. 

It is a must stop before heading to more exotic destinations. 
You have diverse activities around the city and day tours. You need to visit the war museum - and understand the atrocity of it; the post office, the opera, the Ben Than market during the day and night... A day tour to the Mekong delta will take you back to time with some incredible sceneries. Visit to Cu Chi tunnels to learn all about the intricate network of these tunnels during the war. 
There are many food tours as well as other activities. 
I loved Ho Chi Minh city, this little asian pearl with some remains of the french colonisation and the true vietnamese essence. 
Taxis are an easy and cheap way to move around the city, when it is not the peak hours, avoid that! 
The food was great and we got some wonderful vegetarian dishes! 

Notre Dame.

Wonderful silk!

Dinner at PHO 2000. It became very popular after president's Bill Clinton visit to Vietnam. Very casual and fast food place. 

Ben Than Market. 

        A must for everyone, one of our best meal at Hum Vegetarian                                                            restaurant. 

                                                                       War Museum 

             Boat trip to Mekong Delta 

Tropical fruits welcoming us on the 1st island. 

Enjoying some folk singing performance. 

Samapn drive under the coconut trees. 

Honey Factory.

The making of coconut sweets. 

Authentic Mekong cuisine. 

Back to the hotel.


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