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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Authentic international bites in casual spots.

This post is about some casual places where you get authentic cuisine: Japanese, Mexican & South Indian. The ambiance and decor are not the protagonists here, just flavors & spices.  Perfect to go with kids during the holidays. 

Yatai, Japanese restaurant serving authentic cuisine. No sushis here but savorous dishes, served in this Japanese tavern. They also serve Doraimon themed dishes. 
On Calle Comte D'Urgell 112. Tel: 93 532 64 56 Closed On Tuedays. 

Korokke ; japanese curry with a vegetarian croquette. 


Doraimon Kids menu :) 

Taiyaki choco

La Gastro Taqueria, serves delicious Mexican dishes and drinks.  They have vegan & vegetarian options for all their dishes. On Calle Paris 38. Tel: 936 24 08 27. Closed on Monday. 

Just opened, Chenai Masala Dosa serves authentic south Indian cuisine. 
It opens early morning and closes from 4 to 7pm. Perfect to 
go for a different brunch or meal at any time you like. You 
can sample their different dosas, idlis or uttapa; they also offer
 Thali lunch menu with different vegetables and bread 
from South India. 
Closed on Tuesdays. On Calle Galileu 326. Tel: 647 250 329 / 677 701 350




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