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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Via Veneto: Tradition Cusine in a luxury ambiance!

Via Veneto... 
Not a new restaurant, on the contrary. It's been in Barcelona since almost half a century. 
His actual owner started as a waiter and soon became the maitre d' and bought it over. 
This restaurant with an Italian name might trick you -it may have started with the idea of becoming an Italian restaurant; but it offers a traditional catalan cuisine with a french twist. 

Via Veneto has been able to maintain yesteryear's  luxury and service. Everything is impeccable from the time you enter, the coat room, the welcoming hall, the dining room and of course the cuisine. 
They have private rooms as well as a cigar club
Perfect place for a special celebration where you get traditional food served in luxurious crockery. 
 One of Dali's favorite too! Glamour in a Belle Époque ambiance with the waiter in tuxedos making you feel So special . 
Ganduxer 10 – Tel + 34 93 200 72 44


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