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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let's have breakfast in Barcelona!

This post is about having breakfast out while in town; a holiday feeling. 
Some of you may feel breakfast is a chore where you need to grab something and have a coffee on the go. For me and for many of us, it's the most important meal of the day. After being 6/8 hours in another world we need to refuel.
On weekends or during the week if we can, breakfast out is the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, spending quality time in family or working on some new projects. 
We now have quite a few cool places for breakfast where apart from the usual baguette and coffee you can also get some nice juices, sandwiches or pancakes. 

Sirvent: Everybody knows the famous Sirvent Horchata on calle Parlament. Horchata is a vegan drink made with tigernuts and very popular specially in summer; Sirvent Horchata is the best you can get. They are also known for their turrón made in Alicante. There is a new addition to the Sirvent family,  an independant new space with an ampler gastronomic offer.
You can go for breakfast, brunch or a meal where they serve horchatas, slushies, fresh juices, salads or sandwiches and some croissants and pastries. Try their tiramisu croissant it's incredible. 
Opens everyday, from 8.30am. 
On Rda St Pau 67. Tel: 938 292 263 

- In the same area: The Juice House  is a clean eating place in the St Antoni Quarter. They are known for their cold pressed juice as well as their  healthy options using no refined products. They
have great salads and vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian options. The ambiance is young and cool. 
Opens everyday at 10am.
On c/Parlament 12. Tel: +931171515

En Aparté is this small hidden café in the Born. Nothing pretentious, this little french café offers some great french cheeses among other delicacies. Wonderful for breakfast for an authentic café au lait et petit pain au chocolat or a French brunch on weekends. The french toast here is the real "pain perdu" and not some americanised version of it. 
On C/ LluÍs el Piadós, 2 , opens everyday at 10am. Tel: (34) 932 691 335

Teresa Carles has just recently started serving breakfast and brunch everyday from 9am to 12.30pm. It has then lunch and dinner service. Known for its healthy concepts and its vegetarian cuisine, they also have a lunch menu and a 
tasting menu for dinner. Their motto is : EAT BETTER. BE HAPPIER. LIVE LONGER.
I had mentioned their younger sister Flax and Kale here, it's a  modern spacious place where they serve flexitarian dishes and their famous cold pressed juices. They now have a Juicery in the Born where you can purchase them. 
More about them:
On c/ Jovellanos 2. Opens everyday at 9am. Tel: 933 17 18 29

At Teresa Carles, Loved the Chia cup!

At Flax and Kale. 

La Esquina is also a cool place, perfect if you are in the city center. La esquina means corner and it is literaly in one corner. "Unique and different, we’re a “soulful” restaurant located in the centre of Barcelona. Our artisanal cuisine is based strictly on seasonal ingredients that always bear a special “Brit” touch given by our chef Alan Stewart."
On c/ Bergara 2. Tel:937 687 242

Oma Bistrot is a cozy place offering the usual pancakes or eggs benedicte, cool juices or sandwiches among other plates. Recently these sorts of café have become a craze here, and we have very similar menus in all these hipsters places. 
What I like here is they were ready to change some of their options and offer us something vegetarian instead: we often get "se puede quitar, pero no se puede poner!" - we can remove ingredients but can't add them! They also have some great cakes. I like the ambiance and the service. Opens everyday at 9am.
On C/ Consell de Cent 227. Tel: 933 48 70 49

Faborit  Casa Amatller is the first local in Barcelona. The location of this new is very special because it is located within the Casa  Amatller, an adjoining modernist building to Casa Batllo, located in the backbone of Barcelona, ​​Passeig de Gràcia . It has retain the essence of this historic place, but with all the comfort that characterizes this coffee chain.

It's also great to grab a quick healthy meal while shopping in the area. Opens at 7.30 am till 10pm. On weekends opens at 9am. More here:

Takashi Ochiai, is a Japanese bakery serving the best butter croissant in town. They have plain ones as well as chocolate, matcha tea or mango. You also get wonderful pastries, mochis and the best strawberry shortcake in the world. Opens from 8am onwards, closed at lunch time and on Mondays. 
Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 110, Tel: 934 53 63 83. 
Check more here.

- If you are around St Cugat one day go try Somewhere Café. A very cosmopolitain café, the chef was during 8 years chef at the 2 michelin star restaurant Enoteca in the hotel Arts. 
We had brunch but you can try some of their plates during the day or for dinner. They have a cute terrace and also have some workshops activities.
Closed on Mondays, it is open from 9 am and 10am on Sundays till 11 or 11.30pm. 
On St Antoni 58, Sant Cugat. Tel: 933 28 25 31
More info here:

Some other options for tea time...

Ugot on c/Viladomat 138, opens everyday at 8.30am till 8.30pm. Closed on Mondays. A cozy place for breakfast or even tea time with their special scones. A little British vintage café with a cute ambiance.   

And the last one but not the least and a very special place at  La Marquise Decadente, one of my favorite place in town: extraordinary patisserie with a french chic touch offering cakes & pastries from the world. You can get a yummy Russian cake, turkish delight, french madeleine or american cakes among some of their delicacies. Don't forget to try their savoury goat cheese tart!
It opens at 10 am till 3pm. 4.30 till 8.30pm. Saturday from 12pm to 6pm, closed on Sundays and Monday mornings. Pn C/Casanova 191 - Tel: 932 69 41 70

Check some more brunch options here.


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