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Monday, December 21, 2015

Perfect rendez-vous bars!

This time I come with two tiny places but very much worth visiting. One is a wine bar in the Poble Sec: Malamèn and one is a vintage bar where once in, you will just forget about the outside world: Entrepanes Díaz in Gracia.

Excellent wines, the perfect & attentive service and exquisite diverse dishes at Malamén. They all talk perfect English. You get small high tables for 2. It get’s quite crowded but you can still have a lovely and a cozy rendez-vous. It’s called Malamén (deriving from the catalan word “malament” which means wrong), I can assure you there is nothing wrong in this cute place. It has a very cosmopolitan ambiance thanks to its bosses, waiters & chefs coming from all over the world. You will find it on c/Blai 53. Phone: +93 252 77 63
Bread butter & croquettes. 

Potatoes & mojo pico ( canary island tyoical spicy sauce)

Veg Tartar!

Ajo blanco soup. 

Cheese Cake. 

 Entrepanes Díaz is remarkable. Cozy atmosphere in this tiny bar with the same owner of the famous Barmut:  Kim Díaz. A great vintage style bar, famous for their entrepanes and  their quality bites. The old school waiters, with their vest and bowties, give the special classy touch we all need. . 
Great for a glass of wine or some beer, yummy sandwiches & small bites. It is tiny and gets quite crowded, but if you manage to get a corner or a table, you won't regret it. You will feel special.
On Calle Pau Claris 189. Tel:  93 415 75 82.


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