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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Festive recipes for this season!

Christmas eve and a special post. 
Here come some easy recipes that will surpise your guests. 
I love the Paul & Pippa biscuits. They invited me for one of their workshop: blending their cookies with the right sauce for a cool & easy aperitif or an exotic dessert. 
It was at the Moritz store, where you can get those cookies as well as in some other gourmet stores. 

Recipes to accompany their salted selection

Red Pepper Salsa
Roast 3 red peppers in the oven (about 20 minutes 220ºC), cleaned of skin and seeds and cut into strips as well as  3 cloves of garlic. Beat it all with 350 gr og Philadelphia cheese  80g of fresh cream and 50g of  butter.
Keep it in a refrigerator.
Enjoy it with the olive crackers or any other. 

Truffle Sauce
Mix in a bowl 300 ml of milk, 150 ml of fresh cream, 50g grated Parmesan, 50 g butter and 30 g of truffle.
Mix all the ingredients at very low temperature, let it chill and refrigerate it. 
It's a wonderful sauce to accompany your dishes and some savoury crackers. 

For their sweet selection

Red fruit sauce 
Mix in a bowl: 500 grams of red fruits(fresh or frozen), 150g Greek yogurt , 60 g sugar and 120 grams of fresh cream. Beat this  mixture and then put it in the freezer.
You can make ice cream or sorbet , adding more fruits or cream according to your taste. 

Mascarpone Cream
Mix in a bowl 6 eggs, 160 g sugar and 500 grams of mascarpone. Once the mixture is smooth put it to cool in the refrigerator.

These two last cream accompanied at perfection the sweet cookies. My favorite blend was: the coconut Paul & Pippa cookie served with the red fruit sauce. It is festive & perfect for today. 

The savoury crackers with their sauce and of course a Moritz beer. 

Sweet cookies and their sauce!


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