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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our experience at Celler de Can Roca!

Living in Spain and being a foodie, we had to go to El Celler de Can Roca. El Celler de Can Roca has been since years one of the best restaurant in the world, with three michelin stars. We waited for a special occasion and finally went last month. We took the ave from Sants Station (the fast train) and we were in Girona in 30 minutes. I would advise you all to do that if you are going from Barcelona. It is otherwise a long drive till there. From Girona station we took a cab and were there in five minutes.

We reached the villa, and entered the patio and were welcome in. We first visited the kitchen with the head chef and the eldest brother Joan Roca. He explained us the different corners of the kitchen: the low temperature corner, the desserts and all the different stations. It is like an orchestra well coordinated with a genius behind. The youngest brother, Jordi Roca, is the dessert chef and the world's best pastry chef. The wine list which is majestically presented, has an excellent and exquisite variety and plays an important role and blends with the fine dining. The head sommelier is the middle brother, Josep Roca
The Roca brothers have managed to combine in perfection the  traditional cuisine with a great imagination to surprise their guests with an innovative cuisine. 
The moment you step in you feel welcomed and comfortable. The elegant dining room has a quiet and soothing atmosphere.  
And from here we started our meal. 

  • The apéritifs

Let's eat the world! 

  •  Turkey: fig leaf roll
  • Chinese pickles
  • Moroccan roll with ras-el hanout and rosewater. 
  • Corean stuffed bun with kimchi.

  •  Memories from their childhood family bar: usual tapas served originally: vermouth with a campari cocktail, tortilla de patata.You can see the three brothers in their element. 

  •  Caramelised olives!

  •  Corn and guacamole cone!

Bómbon de perrechicos served with a brioche. Perrechicos is a small type of mushroom.

The main Dishes

Spring Consomé.

  • 3 different style of corn ice-cream.  

  •                    Peas.
  • Toasted green pine nuts purée!
Black olives gaspacho
  •         Mushroom gnoccis. 
  •        The carrot!
  • Different beetroot textures! 
  •                Ceps Tart! 
  • The beautiful mandala with the artichoke heart!  

The traditional rice to finish our meal. 

  • The desserts.

Suspiro limeño: frozen milk with lime, coriander, pisco and dulce de leche.

  • Cromatismo naranja: oranges in different textures. 

  •         Chocolate anarchy
The famous Roca dessert trolley present and trademark of Jordi Roca & Ale Rivas Rocambolesc icecream parlors. 

Josep Roca.

I went to Can Roca with very high expectations and came out wondering...The meal was great and the service was more than excellent but something was missing, that wow factor was not present maybe due to the fact that it was a vegetarian menu. 

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