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Saturday, May 16, 2015

New in town: Rad Café! Perfect bite any hour!

We pass by there often and always stop for a coffee or tea somewhere there: there is a Starbucks next door. A couple of weeks back I decided to enter  Rad Café and I loved it. There used to be a restaurant before and now we have this cool loungy café. It has the same owner as the restaurant Bugui next door, there since years. It is perfect anytime of the day, they have brunches everyday till 12, with pancakes, eggs, fresh juices, original teas... A varied menu with snacks and sandwiches.
A wonderful choice for vegetarians and vegans as well in a modern and calling decoration. I liked what I saw, the service was great, the place is welcoming and the dishes are good. 
Situated in the University district, it is great for students to meet around a fast bite; perfect to go with young kids for an early lunch or dinner and good for all of us. They will be extending their hours with wonderful cocktails as well. 
Open after 11am. On Av Diagonal 635. 

Homemade great hummus, they have a guacammus: a mix of gauacamole and hummus which was wonderful!

Veggie Burger!



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