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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Discover La Maison Des Carrés by Hermès, a must if you are in Barcelona! Pop up till May 30th!

For me and for many,  Barcelona is  one of the most beautiful city in the world; Hermès must be thinking the same as it has chosen our city for their first and exclusive pop up: La Maison des Carrés. Le Carré d'Hermès is a must in our wardrobe, it gives that little touch that  changes everything; and for all of us to learn more about it we have La Maison des Carrés till May 30th in Barcelona. Do not miss the opportunity to admire the beautiful place and setup they have created, with different activities: Photo Booth, origami workshop, an enchanted garden offering ice-cream; at the same time discover their different scarves. Bowties for women a cute accessory is on avant première sale at La Maison des Carrés.
Discover their mini twilly and giant ones, the exclusive carré just for Barcelone (the one on the picture above: is a limited edition with only 360 pieces created), learn different ways of tying them around you, discover the men corner with new ties and a mini gym corner, the small manège with the wooden horse and not the forget The Laundry room. The Laundry Room is for those of you who have gotten a carré since years and want to give it a fresh look, they dip dye it for you in either red or blue. Personally I feel the colors of the original carré is a classic, you don't get fed up of and you can always pass it on to your children. 
Don't miss this exclusive pop up on the Pasaje de Campos Eliseos- Camp Elisis (a small passage between  Pg de Gracia and Pau Claris, entering from calle Mallorca). Free entry. Hermès au Champs Elysées de Barcelone! 

The new men ties: 4 in one!

See how the showy colorful scarf has toned down in blue. 

The garden!
Origami corner by Cartoncita.

Crèmerie Toscana corner! Vanilla, Maracuya, Mango, Chocolate..., all natural and sugarless. 

La Maison des Carrés.

Loving my giant twilly!

With the famous illustrator from barcelona: Lara Costafreda! My BelleBarcelone hand fan! Thanks


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