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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tête à Tête with BelleBarcelone #13 : Pedro Iglesias of the Iglesias and Adrias Saga!

The Iglesias brothers have been challenging Barcelona's gastronomic panorama in the area of Paralelo with their eight establishments, five of them in partnership with the illustrious Adria brothers: the BCN 5.0
I met  with Pedro Iglesias, the youngest brother and the one I see most often, to discuss their expansions plans. We met at Cañotas, their fun Tapas Bar. Pedro surprised me pleasantly during our talk.  He is passionate about his work and proud of his family. 

BelleBarcelone: How did you join the family business? Obligation or passion?
Pedro Iglesias: I studied hotel management because I chose to and then worked in the kitchen of the family restaurant Rias de Galicia. I also worked in Via Veneto and La Dama. My idol since childhood had always been Ferran Adrià. Imagine my joy when we started to work together. A real privilege. 
BB: How is it to work with the Adriàs? 
P.I: It's been a wonderful experience. Our joint business together has brought many positivity to our own restaurants. Albert is a perfectionist and it's wonderful to be able to witness his creativity. 
BB: You are five partners in the Bcn 5.0 project. How do you all work in harmony?
P.I: Each of us have their own task. We, the Iglesias brothers take care of the finance and management side and the Adriàs are there to create and organize the teamwork. Juan Carlos my elder brother is the one in charge of the finance in the family business as well as in the BCN 5.0. Borja my other brother takes care of the administration in the family business and I am the one taking care of the administration in the BCN 5.0.  
BB: Apart of the BCN 5.0 project with you and your brothers, the Adriàs have recently join the new Heart project. What are your future plan? Do the Iglesias brothers plan on expanding?
P.I: We have 3 restaurants of our own: the legendary Rias de Galicia, Espai Kru which is above and is modern nouvelle cuisine where everything we serve is raw - more fish than anything else- using new tecniques and a japanese influence; and our tapas bar which is a fun and colorful place: Casa de Tapas Cañotas. 
We are soon opening a Pulperia (octopus restaurant, a traditional galician treat from where the Iglesias are originally from). We will be expanding outside of our comfort zone and going downtown near the Cathedral. Even tough it is a touristic area we expect lots of locals as well of tourists to come. It will be a modern place with traditional dishes; with 35 plates on the menu. There are 7 vegetarian plates too, so you can also come and visit us there. 
We also just gotten an immense  space on Enric Granados. After the huge success of Cañotas we decided we should open another Cañotas. We still don't know the name but we have all the plans done; in a 1000m2 we want to recreate a traditional Spanish village where you will be able to walk around and enjoy some tapas. There will be one menu, but the space will be divided in different themes. We want it to be a fun space where the graphic part will play a big role. It will be an evolved Cañotas with the same gastronomic base but with modern touches. Equipo Creativo is in charge of the decoration. (Equipo Creativo are the one behind the funky interior of Tickets, Disfrutar or One Ocean Club: their work is great and different in each space). 
We also have a huge terrace and let's see what we can do. To live in harmony with our neighbours is our motto. 
BB: Your parents must really be proud of you. 
P.I: We are thankful to them. They have achieved a lot and made their restaurant, Rias de Galicia, an iconic restaurant in the city (Ferran Adria used to eat there very often and that is how their partnership started). My dad came from Galicia with nothing and struggled a lot before the success of this restaurant. They previously had a small restaurant on c/FloridaBlanca. We are thankful to them and yes they are proud of what we have achieved. 
BB: Now some personal questions, where do you like travelling?
P.I: I owe a lot of time to my growing daughters, I only see them on Sundays and very little during the week. That is what it takes to be in this business, I love my work but I miss my daughters. When I am on holidays I just need the beach and the sun. As they are still small the Canary Islands are great. Later on I would like to take them to the Mauritius and Bora Bora. 
BB: What kind of cuisine do you like?
P.I: I love seafood and japanese food. I am the greatest fan of Pakta and Espai Kru. 

Thanks Pedro for your time. I also met Juan Carlos a jolly guy who was doing a tasting: I would have loved staying for it but I had to leave as my other obligations were calling me. 


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