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Friday, May 1, 2015

Peaceful romantic getaway with an unexpected gourmet experience!

The perfect getaway, quiet and unpretentious, chic and elegant here is Hostal Spa Empúries. Situated near the ruins of Empúries in front of the sea, 5 minutes away from L'Escala on the Costa Brava, 1h30 min from Barcelona;  I can't imagine a better setting for a relaxed weekend. This hostal has known to metamorphose itself from a modest hostal built to host the archeologists who had come to restore the Greek and Roman ruins to an exclusive ecological luxurious spa.
Eight years ago it went under renovations and holds the certificate of sustainable architecture Leed; the first hotel in Europe with a gold leed certification. Their motto: At Hostal Empúries we care about humanity and the inheritance to which we are connected. We aim to provide the best experience possible for our guests and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

The hotel has 34 rooms and 18 spa rooms. The rooms have sea or garden views and the spa rooms have a big terraces and are perfect for a romantic getaway. They also have family spa rooms. All the rooms are equipped with the satellite tv and ensuite bathrooms. 
They have two different dining areas: Villa Teresita with a gourmet selection and Bistro del Mar with more informal dishes.
We had lunch at Villa Teresita. If you are not staying in their hotel it s a nice way to come for a special meal while you are in the Empordà region. I have gone to many luxurious restaurants with world known chefs and I can assure you our meal here had nothing to envy them. Even though their menu is seafood based we were able to enjoy a wonderful vegetarian meal. Rafa Peña, chef at Gresca is the executive chef at the Hostal, His head chef Biel Gavalda was there the day I went. He gave me a full tour of the Hostal, explained me the philosphy of the Hostal and their cuisine. I can just applaud at their work and spirit. They have their own little orchard in the hostal, and the owners grow almost all the vegetables in their own property which isn't too far away.The wheat is also grown there and given to the baker for baking their wonderful bread. 
I highly recommend the restaurant as well as the hotel.
Perfect for a break to disconnect or even for team building meetings. 
They also offer a daily menu on weekdays for 24€ and à la carte on weekends  that would be around 40 € pp. 
Check their page for all the info of hotel or restaurant here.

Excellent Olive oil from the Empordà region. 

Apéritifs, breads and sorbet. 

Cream of Vegetables. 

The tastiest  grilled endives tatin and roquefort cheese sorbet! 

Romanesco Brocoli from the orchard served with a mustard seed and potatoes purée! Delicious! 

King of mushrooms: The Morels deliciously cooked with Peas from el Maresme! 

Goose egg tempura! 

OMG! Morrocan shbakiya and mint sorbet: you feel transported to the Medina of Marrakech! 

Chocolate Bombon! 

Torrija served with cappucino foam!

The view and the terrace to have an apéritif or a meal. 

The Library!

The Spa!

The small huerto there itself! 

All very ecological material used as well as many recycling resources.

The walk along the Poritxol Beach!

Ruins of Empuries. 

A hall for celebration or conferences. 

Thanks Biel for the wonderful tour and meal!
More than 100 years back!


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