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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

La Elegancia Masculina!

The fashion specialist and director of Harper's Bazaar, Eugenia de la Torriente, presented her book "Masculine Elegance" last week in Barcelona at Passage - the place to be and the perfect gift store with original items. The prologue of the book is written by none other than Giorgio Armani. Luis Sans, president of the emblematic store Santa Eulalia also collaborated in the book. A definitive guide for the perfect gentleman that delves into the world of menswear from a historical perspective. 

April 23rd is the world book day and in Catalunya it is St Jordi day and is celebrated in a big way. The presentation of the book was a huge event at Passage in the emblematic Sarria district. Among the attendees, there were celebrities and well known people of the Catalan society  such as Marian Puig and his daughter Cuca, Meya Durall, Maite Ormaoechea and Eduardo Fontdevila;  celebrities like Martina Klein and Oriol Elcacho, the dancer Rafael Amargo or illustrator Carlos Toledano T-Diary amongst others. While the author signed books, guests enjoyed selected fingerfood,  courtesy of Petit Comite  by Nandu Jubany and Ruinart Champagne.

Love these original espadrilles designed by Blanca Miro. 

The pictures bellow are courtesy of Mahala.
Eugenia with Eva de Vilallonga and Elena Soldevila.

You can see Carlos Martorell from Hola listening attentively. 

Here with Martina Klein, Oriol  Elcacho y Elena. 

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