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Monday, April 27, 2015

Triticum: Bread for stars!

Last month I visited the Triticum, the bread factory situated in the Maresme. Triticum is wheat in latin. I met Xevi the co-owner and soul of the factory in Cabrera de Mar where Triticum is situated. Xevi Ramon comes from a baker's family but he has taken bread to another level. 

This is where the best breads  are made and served in the world's best restaurants! It started with a simple but very clear intention: to make breads for restaurants and hotels. Using the artisan way in a modern way with the latest techniques. They are offering quality and quantity. Their clients among others are the prestigious Celler de Can Roca (one of the world's best restaurants) where their wine bread is an exceptional bread made with the finest grapes and wine. Achieving these exact taste that the chef has envisioned is a long process.The seaweed bread from Aponiente is another example of their uniqueness. 

Renowned chef such as Jordi Cruz, Paco Perez, Albert Adria to name few serve Triticum bread on their Michelin Star tables. It is a pride for Triticum to be present on those tables. Xevi down to earth and a very busy boss showed me around the factory where each section had a different and specific job; he knows all the process and all his workers personally. You can see that it's a place where you work with passion. He tries to employ  some workers forming part of socially excluded minorities.They all get their training there and Xevi makes sure to make them feel at ease. The team is competitive and happy. He can be proud of his company where there is solid structure, a passion from all towards the making of bread.All the breads at Triticum follow a specific process of preparation, 2 days of fermentation, then they rest in baskets covered with linen, and finally they are cooked in special ovens. 
Xevi is glad that Spanish gastronomy is doing so well, and explains that that's one of the reason of the success of Triticum:  Triticum gets its inspiration from the vision chefs have. 
They would like in a future, to become 100 % organic - even though now their breads use the best ingredients and their flour comes from France. 
Triticum bread is available at top tables around Spain and some other places around the world ( France or Japan among others) they can also be purchased at the Moritz Store in Barcelona, Juliette bakery in Vilassar de Mar and they are opening another one just where the factory is. It is not in town but I am sure people driving back home will go get their breads from there. They are delicious and have a wonderful variety with different seeds, fruits or chocolate. We will soon be able to buy their breads online too. 

Thanks Xevi, for your time! 

The future bakery in the factory where you will be able some of the bread process! 


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