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Monday, March 23, 2015

Tête à Tête #11: with the mystical Gemma Grau from GR Jewel store!

I love jewellery and pretty little things. When you have a special gift to purchase for a unique occasion you need something special, some where unique with an impeccable service: GR the jewellery store on Av Diagonal is such a place. It opened a couple of years back and the fusion between two prestigious families who have been in the jewellery business since years. Rabat, which have the prestigious stores on Pg De Gracia and Grau a very well established store on the Catalan Coast, The Costa Brava, where they have 2 stores and one in Sabadell.
While Rabat (which I love) is all posh and buzzing,  GR is more reserved and intimate. I love their store, elegant with a very personal attention, they will welcome with french champagne and delicate chocolates and you will feel at home. I met Gemma Grau, director and co-partner of the GR store and had a chat with her. I enjoyed spending time with her and we really spoke about many different things. She exudes serenity and mystery. I will try to summarise our interview. 

BelleBarcelone: How did it all start? I mean the Grau stores. 
Gemma Grau: My father started it just after the war, it started as a small business, first only with watches then we got the brand Cartier and it grew. 
BB: Did you always know you would be among stones and jewels. 
GG: No I didn't, I first studies journalism but due to life's circumstances my brother and myself had to continue with the family business. My brother was always interested in it and did his gemmology studies here and I went for an intense course in the USA, more precisely at the GIA (the most prestigious school in the world for gemology and all the best diamonds come with a GIA certificate) and inThailand at the AIGS. And that is how I also fell in love with my work. 
BB: What differentiates you from the others?
GG: The personal attention we give, and the exclusive products we have. At the GR store, within our brands we exclusively have Harry Winston watches and the Italian Pomellato brand. We also have DODO the Pomellato younger line, perfect for small gifts for any occasion. We also have the biggest Rolex Technical service of Catalunya. 
BB: How did you decided to go into partnership with Rabat?
GG: We both come from traditional families, working in the same field and we knew to get together would be beneficial. "La union hace la fuerza" : Strength Through Unity. And here we are now In Barcelona. 
BB: What type of clientèle do you have and what kind of products do they buy? Is it more brands nowadays?
GG: Few years back clients used to buy fantasies and dreams, they used to buy different types of jewels and nowadays they go more for the classic good. The signature jewel of a particular brand or solitaires, it is more of an investment nowadays. 
BB: Now we will shift to a more personal level. Where do you like travelling?
GG: I love Asia. I have been to India and loved it, I go to Bali often and I stayed in Bangkok for few months. So yes I need to travel to Asia every year. 
BB: What's your hobby?
GG: I love reading and painting. 
BB: How do you disconnect?
GG: Near the sea with the sound of waves. 
BB: What kind of cuisine do you like?
GG: I have grown here so I love the Mediterranean cuisine but I also like spicy asian food. 

GR Joieria: Av. Diagonal, 538
Phone: 935 19 33 03


Getting down to the Rolex workshop!

Tête à Tête ! 


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