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Friday, December 5, 2014

A three star meal at Abac!

Special occasions need  special celebrations. November is special to us and now that the last month of 2014 is here, everyone need somewhere unique to go. So here is Abac, I had already spoken about the chef Jordi Cruz, the hotel perfect for a gastronomic getaway, his other restaurants Angle or Tens, but here comes another level experience.

We are vegetarian, so we had a menu made specially for us. The experience was extraordinary and I would highly recommend it. For BelleBarcelone, this was a truly 3 star experience; even if the big Michelin critics haven't yet decided. What is the criteria behind the Michelin Star system; I would like to understand. Food was excellent, we had a very professional sommelier - very much needed as their wine list looks like a bible with incredible wines-, service was remarkable, the welcome was warm, the decor sober and serious. 
Jordi and his team were able to offer us an amazing tasting menu; where we enjoyed each bite and had a wonderful cozy time. 
In the beautiful Abac hotel on Av Tibidabo 1.
Tel. +34 933 196 600

A good and easy wine, note the details: Versace crockery. 


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