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Monday, December 8, 2014

Cuchara Club: health made with love!

Last week I had the pleasure to have  a fantastic brunch at Cuchara Club; at the same time  discovered and learned about their space. Cuchara Club is a space, filled with positive vibes; where you can organise any sort of presentations, celebrations cooking-shows or classes. They are also  a catering company,  and offer healthy options made with love. We also had the honor to have the company of Phiya Kushi and Roy Little Sun. 

Phiya Kushi is the  son of Michio and Aveline Kushi, one of the mentors of Macrobiotic diet. He was in Barcelona as he gave conferences on Macrobiotics at Cuchara Club. That day, he spoke brifley about it. Macrobiotic is a way of living: it is understanding and being aware of what you eat. It brings consciousness for a better health. It was wonderful listening to him. 
Roy LittleSun, born in Indonesia, is a citizen of the world and travels from place to place. He is a peace messenger and talks on alimentation. How to change the world in within? We need to be responsible of the purity of our blood, taking care of it as it is a gift from our Creator. 
He will be giving a talk on Dec 10th at Cuchara Club, check it  out on their webpage to book it: Did you know that it is possible to resort to food such as the main mean of healing? 
We also had the company of Pilar Benitez, author of Sientate Radiante. She also offers various healthy workshops at Cuchara Club. Next one on Dec 13th: Less Meat and more Lentils!

Cuchara Club run by Patty and Samantha is the perfect place to celebrate or organise a small event. 

Calle Avenir 29 
Tel: 667 62 00 30

Check out their workshops and more:

Salad in a bite!

Vegetable buns! Delicious!

Pilar benitez.

Claire from Alaska, a macrobiotic disciple before birth. 

Brown rice maki, it wasn't bad at all. And quite filling. 

With Heike, Cristina and Mª Jose- By Pepa Oil.

The wonderful oil in the beautiful bottle. 

With heike, Phiya Kushi and Roy Little Sun

Learnign more with Roy. 

Thanks Patty and Samantha!

Sugarless, dairy free , gluten free cheese cake. 

A day with BelleBarcelone

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