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Monday, September 22, 2014


Foodtrucks are so common in New York. They are part of the city. Check my next post for a great Food market and tips in NYC. I have grown up in Morocco and India where foodstreet is usual, we had the best chickpeas or egg sandwich on Casablanca roads, people queue for  a snail soup bowl. Isn't the best "pao Badji" on chowpatti in Mumbai, the best chaat in Chandni Chowk or the best Pad Thai in Bangkok streetfood? Here in Barcelona, this concept isn't legal and we only have Street Food or food Trucks at very specific events, during a fair or a gastronomic week; they can also be rented for personal events. We have had this year the 1st Eat Street festival, quality products prepared by renowned restaurants or new talented chefs. They have had 3 since then and the 4th one is next month in October. 
And to celebrate La Merçè, we have had the 1st Van Van Market, the nomad foodtruck market in the beautiful Parc de La Cuidadella.
From Sept 19th to 24th (not incl 22), Foodtrucks are in the park. You have many known ones like the famous Reina Croqueta, with the best croquettes in town with vegetarian and vegan options too depending on the day; Yango the food truck by Carles Abellan,  Petit Bangkog, Mosquito,  the best sandwiches in town by Caravan Made and more. We went Saturday evening at 7pm, not really dinner time here but it was already crowded. Fun things were happening all over the Parc so it was filled with families, young and not so young happy people, the foodtrucks had queues and some of them were closed, as they only opened for lunch and dinner. I think if it is a full day event it should have been opened and I also feel that if the foodtrucks were legalised in Spain we wouldn't  feel so frustrated and all pile up the same day at the same time. In general my experience was a positive one even though it was a bit chaotic. 
Around the Arc De Triunfo you also have a Wine and Cava Tasting festival, 34 Mostra de Vins i Cava de Catalunya till the 24th. On the 22nd and 23rd, from 4pm to 9pm and on the 24th from 12 to 9pm. 




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