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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Californian Dream on the beach: The Surf House!

It is summer full year around at the Surf House on the Barceloneta. 
You have a wonderful terrace outside in front of the beach; you get delicious beach food,  healthy and satisfying plates, burgers, nachos...; many choices for vegetarian; lovely juices and smoothies- the Popeye or the Lila, interesting juices- roger rabbit or acid boobs; many cocktails from different part of the world such as the French Apricot or the Japan Mary; and much more. They also have a indoor space with some big screens. Apart from great food and drinks; it is an experience and they offer much more: events, surf and paddle classes...
It is perfect any day, while you are at the beach, to have a bite, to have a great lunch, brunch or drunch. Great for dinner and late nights, imagine the sound of the waves and one of their wonder cocktails! Definitely a place to go specially now that the weather is so good!

Open everyday from 11am to 12am and later on weekends. 
Tel: 932 507 023
AV. ALMIRALL AIXADA, 22. Barcelona

Sunshine in a Glass. The Lila, with beetroot, ginger, apple...

Bien sur, a french Apricot for me;) Delicious and fresh, gin with apricot! 

A must try, The Japan Mary! Sake and tomate juice...

Delicious veggie club sandwich, cheese, pesto avocado...

Colors and health in a bowl: Yummy lentils, mango salad with a Mandarine vinaigrette!

The Most delicious and cheesy nachos you can get in Barcelona!

Teriyaki Veggies Roll!

3 chocolate cake!

Who wouldn't want to be here?



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