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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hoy, your Chinese in the Barrio Les Corts!

Apart from all the gourmet restaurants or the delicate Japanese menus, some days you just need  Chinese comfort food. Hoy, the name of this simple restaurant, is the typical neighborhood Chinese you would go on a cold midweek night to have a hot meal. It doesn't have those red and gold typical Chinese deco, it is more simple, more contemporary; you can see the kitchen from the dining area. The food takes a bit of time to come on your table, it is freshly made; the service is great and the owner is a gem. His restaurant is here since many years, he is always here ready to tell you the latest jokes, you can find people waiting outside on weekends. Good, simple and casual, perfect to go with your parents or for a quick midweek lunch (they have a lunch menu) or dinner; you can also do a takeaway. In Travessera de les Corts, 281, Tel:934 30 00 79

Mix veggies with Bamboo and mushrooms!


Chinese fried bread, they also have the vapor one!

Kubak: crispy rice with veggies!


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