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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sindur, the chic Indian Restaurant!

This restaurant was started by  two entrepreneurs who wanted to combine the love of their country  and the desire of offering great indian food in Barcelona.The food is originally presented with real taste and flavors. Their signature dishes are the Chicken Tikka Masala and , for the vegetarian The Dhal Durbari.
They have an uncomplicated menu with a choice for everyone. They also offer a lunch menu that changes accordingly to what is available in the market; the concept of slow food is present here too. Their wine list is decent with a choice of Spanish wines and some Indian wines to blend with the spicy flavors. They will adjust to your needs according to the level of spices you can eat; and if you have any food allergies, such as nuts for instance, just mention it while booking.

There are many different Indian restaurants in Barcelona. Sindur is more refined: it has a soothing decoration, a wonderful staff and an excellent Maître D’. Definitely a chic place in BelleBarcelone to go for a cozy dinner.
Harra Tawa Kebab
Paneer Fingers

Paneer Bukhara

Dhaal Darbari

Hydrabadi Biryani

Lunch menu from Monday to Friday.


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