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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Check out the new Gastro mile on calle Lleida!

On this post a bit of the revolution into Barcelona’s gastronomic route by the Adrias and Iglesias brothers. And more in detail the Cañota bar, casa de tapas! We have seen how Poble Sec is coming up with the Adrias (El Bulli) and Iglesias (Rias Galicia) brothers opening successful places. Tickets on Parallelo, is a gastro tapas bar, where you eat with all your senses. We loved it. It is a place to enjoy and observe as you have different service stations dedicated to different style of tapas. It is like a play on cooking.(Booking online). Next door you have 41º, the disco sister of Tickets and pricier. There are 16 seatings, and a menu with a variety of 50 dishes served to taste from. A small El Bulli experience!  We have gone various times to 41º for a drink after 11.30pm, when it opens to everyone after dinner. We haven’t tried their menu as there is no vegetarian option for the moment. Their drinks are great and we love the ambiance! Bodega 1900, the vermuteria, has just opened, and Pakta opened few months back. Pakta is a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, not recommended for vegetarians.  Near Pakta , the famous brasserie Rias de GaliciaEspai Kru -above- with lots of raw food , quality food with a Japanese influence; not really recommended for us veggies either.  Pakta, Rias de Galicias, Espai Kru and Casa de Tapas Cañotas are all on calle Lleida and are part of Barcelona’s new gastro mile: La nueva Milla Gastronomica. We just went to Casa de tapas Cañotas, and we loved it.
Recently renewed this tapas bar is a great place to take visitors after they have seen the beautiful musical fountain in Montjuic. It has some big TVs too, great when there is a match. Great for its tapas, friendly place with an excellent service, good and a big variety of small dishes for everyone. A fun menu and some twists here and there. It has conserved its Galician essence but has modernized. The façade is decorated with murals and comics as well as their menu card. 
Cañota: Carrer Lleida, 7, 08004 Barcelona 933 25 91 71
espai Kru by Rías de Galícia: Carrer Lleida, 7  93 424 81 52 – Tel 2: 93 423 45 70 
Rias de Galicia: Carrer de Lleida, 7, 934 24 81 52 
Pakta: Carrer de Lleida, 5 

Cañota's comic mural!

The gastronomic mile in BelleBarcelone!

Cañotas: the desserts of Paco Roig!

Some of the interesting pages in the menu!

What is Nirtapa?

Nirtapa for groups!

Cherry gazpacho with cheese foam!!

La Burrata

The different Bravas but yummy, "al caliu"!

Pimientos de Padron!

The wonderful chupitos of passion fruit to finish your meal!

A must try: Pineapple with a twist!


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