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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hofmann, the wonderful pastry store! To buy the best croissants and lovely cakes for special celebrations!

I Love the Born and walking around, admiring the beautiful church. We also smell aromas, and you will get pulled by butter, sugar, vanilla smell,  into Calle Flassaders, just off the the Paseo del Born. You will find the famous Pastry store: Hofman. Variety of wonderful tarts, cakes, mini cakes and the best croissant you have ever tasted: butter, "mazapan" , mango or raspberry? They really melt in your mouth! And they also custom their cakes to your demand.  

Wedding Pièce Montée: Black Forest!

Macarons on the wedding cake!

Some items you can purchase to become an expert!

Best Croissant in Spain! Golden croissant award! Melts in your mouth!


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