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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pretiola: the first pretzel store in Barcelona!

Walking around the Born, you will come across the House of Pretzels: Pretiola. This eggless snack is great at anytime of the day. Many locals around the area have grown to enjoy them. When it opened many didn’t really know what it was. I think it is the only place you get them in Barcelona. Made everyday in front of you, they have a variety of salted and sweet ones- poppy seeds, garlic, cheese, cinnamon and more- these lovely shaped buns will make you happy.

Pretiola: Calle Corders, 10.Phone: 658030586 Opened everyday from 11am to 9pm.


The making of the pretzel in front of you.

Poppy seeds, cinnamon, mozzarela, american cheddar, sunflower seeds...



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