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Monday, August 19, 2013

Sushis at Doble Zer00 in the Born-informal and exotic!

In the Born, near the Market Cuine Santa Caterina, Doble Zer00 offers exotic and creative sushis. Asian cuisine, with a South American touch, Doble Zer00 has an extensive menu for everyone's taste. There are many vegetarian options too.
We went a year back, the first time, for our niece's birthday. Kids had fun too, as they also loved the food; on weekends they have a separate place for the kids; where they can play, eat and enjoy themselves.  Call the restaurant to find out more about their timings and program. They have, recently open, Tomoe, in the Bonanova area , on calle St Delfi,11. Tomoe has a very similar menu and maybe easier to get to if you are living uptown. And if you are in the Maresme, Doble Zeroo is there in Masnou.
Doble Zer00- Born        : 93 315 17 44
Tomoe by Doble Zer00 : 93 211 98 69
Doble Zer00- Masnou   : 935558599

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