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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ten's by Jordi Cruz, youngest chef with 2 michelin stars and judge in Masterchef Spain!

Signature tapas by famous chef Jordi Cruz in lovely born. You may have seen him recently as a judge on Masterchef, Spain. Jordi Cruz is the young chef of the 2 michelin star restaurant Abac, in the Avenida Tibidabo; also chef of l'Angle with 1 michelin star. Ten's opened its door on calle Rec 79, at Park Hotel, where first Abac was born 10 years ago.
This Modern place has lovely tapas that will conquer your heart.  There aren’t much vegetarian options on the menu, but if you call before hand they can offer you some interesting and original dishes. The service is young and efficient. Jordi Cruz, got his 1st michelin star at the age of 26, one of the youngest chef in the world with this distinction. Creativity, evolution and tradition; that's what Jordi Cruz is all about.

Jordi Cruz, picture taken in La Vanguardia


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