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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Authentic french macarons made in Barcelona by Enric Rosich!

What is A Macaron? The pride of France, made of 2 meringues held together by a soft filling. Everyone has heard of La Durée macarons. I knew people who would fly to Paris to get them. Today in Barcelona you can get excellent ones.
A couple of years back, when the Arenas mall opened in the old bullfight ring, I came across Enric Rosich. It was a small macarons store made by Enrich. Today they have another store in Bulevard Rosa on Pg de Gracia. I spent sometime with Nuria and I have now understood why these macarons are so good. Enrich, with a vast experience in pastries with the very best in Paris as Pierre Hermé and Fauchon, you are sure to get quality and excellence.  He also wrote a book for professionals.Their ingredients such as the pasteurized egg whites and butter come directly from Paris; the vanilla comes from Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti; the Cassis from Paris,  and of course the almonds are made in Spain. They are partners of Vallrhona so their chocolate is great too.They have a big variety of wonderful macarons and every month they have 2 special of the month. For instance they will offer a "coca de St Joan" macaron for San Juan or a "panallet" macaron for Halloween. Enrich is there during the full process of macaron making. Don't also forget that macarons are gluten free as they are made entirely from almonds, sugar and egg whites. For you? For me? As a gift in their cute packing? And why not as wedding pièce montée?

Box of 5 : 6.50

Cassis macarons

Special of the month : Campari Orange

Our favorite: Salted caramel one!

Another favorite: sacher

Book written by Enric

Authentic French Madeleines

Great cookies


Wedding cake!

Cute store in Bulevard Rosa

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