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Monday, July 8, 2013

...because I Love Toto. Understand the slow food cuisine.

Desserts buffet
Toto again? Because I love Toto

I had mentioned Toto previously. But Toto has become one my favorite place in Barcelona. This slow food restaurant offers you a Mediterranean menu with an Italian touch. Wikipedia: Slow Food is an international movement founded by Carlo Petrini, in 1986. Promoted as an alternative to fast food, it strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem
Having spent  a couple of hours with Ronit and Rafael, the owners you learn to understand and appreciate the food they serve.
Their menu varies everyday depending on the availability of the fruits and vegetables.

Ronit and Rafael come from a textile background. They sold their business some years back and decided to offer us some good bread. After having traveled in France, U.S.A and more they came up with the code to make amazing bread. Yes you heard me right! BREAD. A couple of years back we couldn't get decent baguettes in Barcelona. They would become chewy in a couple of hours. They opened Crusto, the wonderful bakery with one of the best apple pies and a big variety of incredible breads. You can see the making of the bread with flour, water and salt. They now have 4 bakeries, they also supply to some hotels and markets; and last fall they opened this beautiful restaurant designed by none other than the great Lázaro. You can see some of his work in my posts.

This old library became this wonderful vintage and industrialist chic restaurant. Glass chandeliers, an open kitchen, pattern on the floor await you at Toto.

They also offer a business lunch menu that changes every week. You have 2 options with 2 or 3 plates from 15 to 18 euros.  In the belle époque bar at the entrance, you can now have tapas with an Italian touch from 12pm to 1am.

A must go for a drink, for a lunch and for dinner any day of the week for a true Barcelona experience where Catalan food cohabits Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

The service is warm and friendly, especially Juan the maître'd who will make you feel at home. On weekends it gets very busy, so make a reservation and have a nice meal. You may find the service a bit slow on weekends but enjoy the time with your friends, have a nice drink and chat!

A beautiful place for beautiful people like you! 
Address: Carrer de València, 246, 934 67 67 29
Breads at Crusto

El Forno at Toto

Business lunch at 15.90 or 19.90 euros

The essence of the old library

The open kitchen

Beetroot Gnocchis, Loquat cake, Panacotta and passion fruit mocktail

Artichokes, beetroot orange and avocado salad, endives and ricotta salad, Burrata with asparagus


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