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Thursday, June 6, 2013

La Cuina D'En Garriga : a cool-mado

We have now some new style of grocery stores : the new "Colmados", as we have seen in some of  my previous posts. Today I will take you to La Cuina d´en Garriga, on calle Consell de cent just off Pg De Gracia. This cool place is great to purchase some  quality products or have a nice and fresh meal. 

Helena spent her early years in a siphon factory. In 1876, her ancestor found a siphon with sparkling water in Paris and decided to share this great discovery with his people, and that is how the history of the Garriga Family and the siphon started. Many generations later, with the inspiration of the siphon and the need of authentic products, Helena decided to open la Cuina D'en Garriga. 
In La Cuina d'En Garriga , you feel like you are eating in your own kitchen , with a personal , homely and spontaneous service.
Opened everyday from 9.30 am to midnight. The kitchen is open almost the full day so you have ample time to go and savor their dishes.
It mostly caters to the locals so you know that it is authentic.
You can also purchase lovely breads, cheese, vegetables and more. You could also get a special gourmet gift for someone.
It is a lovely, small and fun place to celebrate a birthday or to have an informal meeting.
The cheeses

The Breads

The veggies

The fruits

The menu

For a quick bite

Home away from home

Cheese tasting


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