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Monday, May 6, 2013

Ikibana on Paralelo... Good choice?

Ikibana Paralelo
We have been  to the Ikibana in the Born many times and have always been happy with the food and service. And this time we wanted to try the über designed restaurant on Paralelo. The concept is very interesting, there are amazing window displays filled with Japanese and exotic plants. We were welcomed in with a smile.
The service was pleasant, the food was good and the desserts were interesting.
Ikibana is a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food.
We went with the kids and ordered some exotic makis and some basic ones- which were not on menu- like a simple avocado maki, which we had requested them to make.
A big surprise came with bill. We are vegetarian, so we had the great hot geisha roll without salmon. We paid for the salmon, but that is very fine. I am not complaining about this, they were delicious. But they charged us the same price for the normal avocado makis, that you get in every basic Japanese restaurant, as much the hot geisha roll which were more elaborated rolls.
They explained us that they didn't have basic makis it in the menu so they just had to put a price. They also made some mistakes in the bill, which they rectified after we pointed out to them.
We paid our exorbitant bill but I had to talk to the manager. He was apologetic about it and understood the situation but didn't really do anything about it.
So vegetarians and family with kids beware before going to the great Ikibana on Paralelo. Children usually do like their basic californian rolls!
wafu salad

miso soup

agedashi tofu


Avocado makis

Hot philadelphia geisha rolls

Bossa Nova: vegetable makis with guacamole


Exotic frozen loli pops:
Guanaja chocolate and passion fruit
White chocolate and yuzu
Milk chocolate and toasted sesam


1st prize winner at the 1st Tapas Contest of Barcelona
Mandarin, cinnamon and cardomon infusion, catalan custard with thyme foam and malt crumble

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