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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mythical & traditional: Restaurante Bonanova.

It is just called Restaurante Bonanova. This mythical restaurant in Barcelona opened in 1964, more than 50 years back. Situated in a stately home in the Zona Alta, this family owned restaurant is cozy and elegant.
The cuisine is faithful to the seasonal products. It's a traditional cuisine using charcoal, well ironed plates and lots of love and passion. They make their own breads and pastries.
They also have a heated wine cellar where you have a great variety of wines.
We went for lunch and even though it’s known for their fish and meats, they were able to feers some great and fresh vegetarian dishes.
A wonderful place to go for a family celebration, homely and friendly service in  this old time restaurant. The typical restaurant of our childhood memories.
Read their story on their website.
Closed on Sunday nights and Mondays.

Sant Gervasi de Cassoles 103
Tel: 934 171 033

  • Tomatoes & homemade textured pesto with fresh mozzarella. 

  • "Ous de Reig" (Amanita caesarea): seasonal mushrooms.  Incredible flavors very well seasoned. 

  • Fried peepers!

  • Scrambled eggs: "Revuelto de Huevos"

  • They make their own pastries as well as breads. 

  • The perfect setting. 


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