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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer flavors in Barcelona.

This post is about the new discoveries I have made and enjoyed these last months. Some Asian, some tapas, these 4 places are original and casual with that little  special extra. The perfect options to try if you are spending summer in Barcelona.
·      I will start with Fan Ho. Few months back, Tapas Tomate took the place of Cornelia & Co. Bar Tomate, from the Tragaluz Group; has its twin restaurant in Madrid and it’'s been a popular spot since their opening in the capital. With the philosophy of the group, Tomate Tapas offers quality products in local dishes with a touch of originality: Mediterranean food & tapas. On the other half of the local Fan Ho has its space. The original Asian tavern offers Chinese food with a local touch , fusion cuisine in a cozy setting with the open kitchen, plants & dim lights. A good choice for Asian food lovers.  Casual chic.
On Calle Valencia 225. Open everyday. Tel: 932 72 39 56

  • The open Kitchen at Fan Ho

  • Veggies springrolls 

  • Noodles & Smoke tofu salad

  • Mushroom. omelette &mustard leaf rice: a must, it's delicious! 

  • Chocolate truffles & green tea!

·      On a more casual type, we just discovered this original Asian restaurant : Casa Xica. It offers oriental dishes with a catalan touch, the restaurant is tiny and inviting, the dishes are freshly made and original. The service is great. They will adapt the dishes to your allergies and they offered us some amazing vegetarian dishes. Informal & cozy.
On Carrer de la França Xica, 20. (Poblesec). Closed on Sundays. Tel: 936 00 58 58

  • Starting with a cold almond soup "Ajoblanco" with an asian twist such as the chilly oil & keffir lime. 

  • Greens salad!

  • Greens wok! 

  • Noodles curry! 

  • Strawberries with different chocolate textures!

·      I had love Gresca as well as the restaurant at the Hostal Empuries, both with the same chef. On a more casual night we tried Bar Gresca that opened last year. It is the extension of the restaurant. U shaped; Gresca and Bar Gresca have two entrances but are in the same location. Not really a bar, except maybe the high stools that gives it a more casual feel, the ambiance and the cuisine is sophisticated in an informal way. Excellent products served with the expertise of chef Rafa Peña, I totally recommend it. Chic & chill out.
On Calle Provença 230. ( I think the bar is open everyday unlike the gastro which is open from Monday to Friday). Tel: 934 51 61 93

  • Pizza Gresca style ( half over before the photo click)

  • Their signature onion tatin pie

  • Yummy Leeks!

  • The best french toast I have tried: Torrija

·      We has tried Pepa Tomate a couple of years back in Gracia and we just tried the one they opened last year in Calle Mandri. Calle Mandri is a good spot with various restaurant and bars in the area, perfect if you are staying there or in the neighborhood.  Pepa Tomate has a  good variety of vegetarian choices and their dishes are served with originality. They opened recently Pepa Tomate in c/Parlament too and have a paella bar in the Boqueria market. Serving Barcelona cuisine with a modern twist, the quality of fresh products reflects in their dishes where their signature dishes cohabit the proposals of week depending of the fresh products available at the market.  Casual & chic.
On Calle Mandri 58. Open everyday. Tel: 932 54 17 97

  • Typical local cottage cheese: recuit de drap. Fresh cheese made with goat milk.

  • Their typical Bravas! 

  • And their signature fried green tomatoes. 

  • Carrot gaspacho with yuzu cream. Tomato & oil soup with mustard sorbet. 

  • Noodles & veggie wok.


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